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7 tips to make your first art purchase

Would you like to become an art collector? In this article we will discuss how to take the first steps towards this goal with some good tips for making our first purchase.

Before acquiring our first artwork many questions may arise , especially if we do it as investors, and not just because we like the style of the piece we are considering buying.

The fundamental keys to a good start as collectors, are two: firstly, to acquire the information and knowledge that will allow us to make a good purchase, and secondly, to set our budget limit and try not to exceed its ‘red line’.

Buying original art

Setting a budget is,a priori, the easy part but, how can we acquire the necessary knowledge to make good decisions in that respect?
The answer is to invest some of our leisure time in visiting museums and galleries, and contacting with other collectors. If we have the time, it is also highly advisable to attend art auctions, which will give us a broader perspective in terms of economic value of a wide variety of art pieces.
By following these guidelines, it will be easier to build our knowledge base and achieve an good overview of periods, styles, pricing, and above all, to define our own tastes.

In addition to the above, we leave you with some tips to address this issue in more depth:

1. Research your information. It is important, as we said before, to seek information and develop our own taste in art. The best way to do this is by seeing lots of art, going to museums, galleries, talking to collectors and artists , getting acquainted with the history of art and its periods and styles.

Visit art galleries and museums to buy art

2. Setting a budget. We need to know that we have the money to make the purchase; In this sense, we need to consider that when purchasing a painting or work of art, there are often additional costs besides the price tag, which may be shipping costs, framing, or if deemed necessary, insurance costs.

3. If you are considering buying at an art auction, before doing so it is very advisable to go first to two or three of them just to look around and become familiar with their pace and they way they work.

4. Talking with other collectors, gallery owners and art experts: this is the best way to acquire information and tips when buying our first work of art. This way we will be able to find out whether certain gallery prices are negotiable or not, besides opportunities and discounts. Many galleries make special discounts to customers who purchase a certain number of works of art, etc..

Talk to gallerists to purchase your first work of art
5. Buy what you like. After considering the above, we should follow our instinct. Remember that it is important, if possible, to see the work in person, as what we see in a catalog or jpg image may differ from the original work.

6.  If we are buying as investors, it is good to support young artists and emerging art. They tend to be cheaper and have great potential to increase their value over time.

7.  Keep all the documentation of the artwork. Don´t throw it away! This may seem irrelevant but it is essential to verify the authenticity and value of the piece. In our gallery we always offer an authenticity certificate and warranty that accompanies all our works.

We hope these tips will help you in making your first purchase as art collectors. If you have any other suggestions to add to the list, please leave them in the comments bellow.





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