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Landscapes and seascapes full of Mediterranean light


Antonio Pérez is a very gifted painter who specializes in seascapes and landscapes. Vessels and ports surrounded by serene waters are his favourite themes, which he creates with great skill and taste. He never uses photographies, as he only paints from life. Pérez interprets landscapes and captures their most deep essence. His artwork is full of the light that we ...

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Mediterranean painting: light and women


Antonio Navarro is a Mediterranean painter, who specializes in depicting women. He uses light and colour to create a beautiful pictorial symphony. His canvases transmit calm and serenity to the viewers, who cannot help falling in love with the delicate figures they see on the painting. Navarro is an artist who sees himself away from the avant garde and artistic ...

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Spanish oil painting: seascapes

Spanish art: seascapes

.Andrea Savino is a specialist in seascapes. This Spanish artist depicts a coast where water is still, coming in contact with the human realm. At the same time, Savino achieves a combination of gentle lyricism and harmony through bright-colored and loose brushtrokes. Poetry and reality meet very beautifullyin his canvases, evoking serenity and tranquility for the viewer.  

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Original Spanish still lifes


Vañó is an gifted artist who works with an impressionistic style. His artwork is remarkable because of its acurate composition. Vañó knows how to interpret his paintings, capturing the uniqueness of the moment in the canvas. His technique and sensitivity are the ones of a modern artist, who does not miss the original interpretations and achievements of the shadows, blacklighting ...

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Spanish oil painting: realistic seascapes


PuertoRealistic seascapes created by a Spanish master of the oil painting.[/toggle] is a Spanish artist born in Valencia, who is worldwide known thanks to his magnificent seascapes. In them, he reflects the wilderness of the sea with an impressive and realistic technique. Puerto’s artwork is imbued with a realistic feeling, achieving a never easy thing, which is the impression of ...

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Impressionist Spanish painting: gardens

Cánovas is a sensitive painter, totally dedicated to his craft. His canvases are full of colour and brightness, and they clearly show the mastery of this Spanish artist, who is devoted to his unsuspectedly subtle seascapes and Impressionist gardens. To know more about him, follow the link below.     SOROLLA ONLINE ART GALLERY – SPANISH ART FOR SALE         ...

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Spanish Impressionist landscapes

Calabuig is a Spanish painter born in Valencia, who, after a long and succesful artistic career, has reached creative maturity. Since his first exhibition, this artist has been refining his techniqueconstantly in the representation of beautiful Impressionist landscapes with clean and colourful designs. His canvases are full of sober and accurate features, as well as delicate effects that encompass the ...

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Spanish religious art

Rodolfo Regaño is an artist with a peculiar style. His artwork reflects his own personality, as he does not like including himself in the pictorial and artistic trends of the moment. He prefers to follow his own artistic intuition. He specializes in religious themes, as he masterly depicts the images of Virgins and Christs, reflecting on his canvases all the emotion ...

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Impressionist Andalusian painting

María Mairena is one of the most promissing young artists in our gallery. Daughter of the reputed master Fernando Ferreira, she studied at the School of Fine Arts of Sevilla, where she showed great skills and talent for drawing and painting. María has taken part in many exhibitions all over the south of Spain, and nowadays works with some of ...

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Oil paintings of Sevillian landscapes

Sánchez Ramírez is a landscape specialist, who mainly depicts scenes from Seville. In his canvases, this artist emphasizes light and colour, which does not go unnoticed to the viewer. When we look at his artwork, we can appreciate the bright Mediterranean light this author casts on the Giralda Tower, Torre del Oro, the Triana Bridge and other significant monuments and ...

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