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Visual poetry by a Spanish landscape master


Helios Gisbert is a Spanish artist who has focused his career on landscapes. He is an expert on creating magical atmospheres. Altough he uses a kaleidoscope of colours to compose his art-work, he masters the use of brown and deep gold tones, which create something akin to visual poetry, full of soft cadences and gentle rhythms. In his canvases we ...

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Spanish Impressionist landscapes

Calabuig is a Spanish painter born in Valencia, who, after a long and succesful artistic career, has reached creative maturity. Since his first exhibition, this artist has been refining his techniqueconstantly in the representation of beautiful Impressionist landscapes with clean and colourful designs. His canvases are full of sober and accurate features, as well as delicate effects that encompass the ...

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Spanish oil paintings: Parisian boulevards

Barber is a Spanish artist who has dedicated himself to depict Parisian and London boulevards of times past, as well as characters and scenes from yesterday. Barber stands out thanks to his restrained compositions, which avoid classic paradigms in favour of expressing the fleeting quality of the moment, the ephemeral nature of life.   To know more about this Spanish artist, ...

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Original oil painting: seascapes

Andrea Savino is a Spanish artist specialized in seascapes. In his canvases, he represents the meeting of two worlds, an encounter of calmness and movement, shape and strenght, but above all, his art transmits a deep feeling of serenity and tranquillity. Savino loves the soft lyricism and fine harmony which he achieves through his compositions, always using loose brushtrokes and ...

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Spanish oil painting: portraits

Gavendi achieves in his artwork the exact likeness of the real life model, blending the figures in his canvases through an exquisite mixture of tones and light. His colour palette is profoundly delicate and ethereal. This Spanish artist is, undobtedly, a master in the field of portrait.   To know more about this artist, please follow the link below.     SOROLLA ...

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