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Mediterranean painting: light and women


Antonio Navarro is a Mediterranean painter, who specializes in depicting women. He uses light and colour to create a beautiful pictorial symphony. His canvases transmit calm and serenity to the viewers, who cannot help falling in love with the delicate figures they see on the painting. Navarro is an artist who sees himself away from the avant garde and artistic ...

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Impressionist Spanish painting: gardens

Cánovas is a sensitive painter, totally dedicated to his craft. His canvases are full of colour and brightness, and they clearly show the mastery of this Spanish artist, who is devoted to his unsuspectedly subtle seascapes and Impressionist gardens. To know more about him, follow the link below.     SOROLLA ONLINE ART GALLERY – SPANISH ART FOR SALE         ...

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Spanish oil painting: patios

Aguilar is an Andalusian artist well known for his costumbrist artwork depicting patios, windows, and white Andalusian houses. His style and color palette are very distinctive, light and drawing being his strong points. He achieves a masterly depiction of the Spanish southern  charm, which fills with life each one of his paintings.   To know more about this Spanish artist, ...

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Oil paintings of Sevillian landscapes

Sánchez Ramírez is a landscape specialist, who mainly depicts scenes from Seville. In his canvases, this artist emphasizes light and colour, which does not go unnoticed to the viewer. When we look at his artwork, we can appreciate the bright Mediterranean light this author casts on the Giralda Tower, Torre del Oro, the Triana Bridge and other significant monuments and ...

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Spanish oil paintings: bullfighting themes

Pastor is a self-taught painter enthusiastic about the bullfighting world. He started his artistic career back in 1995, depicting the most famous bullfighters of the time, such as Curro Romero, Rafael de Paula, César Rincón and Emilio Muñoz, among others. He masters the acrylic technique, without forgeting other materials such as pastel and watercolour. Pastor has won several awards and ...

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Impressionist Spanish paintings: religious themes, El Rocío pilgrimage and still lifes.

Ferreira is an Andalusian artist whose artworks depict a wide range of themes. From religious to El Rocío pilgrimage scenes, still lifes and figures of women, this Spanish artist dominates the impressionist style.  He feeds from masters of  Spanish painting, shuch as Murillo and Goya. Ferreira uses a very reduced and moderate color pallet, where white, ochre and sienna rule, with the ...

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Coaches, horses and dancers by the Andalusian artist Aurora Gallego

Aurora Gallego is a Spanish painter who masters the impressionist style and stands out for her splendid artwork depicting Seises dancers, as well as coaches and horses. Her pallet of colors is dominated by red and blue, two intense tones that confer a very characteristic brightness to her paintings. She is, without any doubt, an exceptional painter, as her academic ...

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Andalusian traditions depicted by the Spanish artist Sáez

Sáez is a talented Spanish artist, based in Sevilla,  who specializes in religious themes. In all his artwork he depicts the Seises, a children´s choir that performs in the Cathedral of Seville during special occasions and festivities. Sáez pays special attention to detail and colors in his paintings, achieving a special liveliness through the use of red and blue, which are ...

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Realistic Spanish art by Domingo

Domingo is a Spanish artist who started his career as an illustrator, successing in both the U.S and Europe. He has collaborated with many advertising agencies and his artwork has been featured in magazines and books with a worldwide distribution.  In 1974 he took a new path towards the artistic field and devoted himself to painting. After that, he took part ...

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