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Original Spanish still lifes


Vañó is an gifted artist who works with an impressionistic style. His artwork is remarkable because of its acurate composition. Vañó knows how to interpret his paintings, capturing the uniqueness of the moment in the canvas. His technique and sensitivity are the ones of a modern artist, who does not miss the original interpretations and achievements of the shadows, blacklighting ...

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Original oil paintings: jungle landscapes


Fede Moros is a Venezuelan artist born in Caracas with a long career in the field of plastic arts. He is a master of the brush, really focusing on the details. Moros is well known for his wide and light colour palette, and specializes in jungle landscapes, with which he has won prices and recognition by art critics all over ...

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Original landscapes and seascapes


Eliseo Meifrén is a Catalan artist born in Barcelona, who devoted himself to depicting marines and landscapes with his very particular style of loose brush strokes and soft tones. Among his artworks we can point out ‘Gente de mar’ and ‘El Marne’ (1933). As an artist of his time, he fluctuated between the last throes of Realism and Naturalism. He ...

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Do you know how to invest in modern art? Part I


The value of the modern art market has experimented an upward trend in recent years, as both paintings and sculptures of artists living and dead have become a focus of interest for collectors and investors. So if you’re an art enthusiast and value art profitability, read carefully the following tips to learn how to successfully invest in the modern art ...

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Spanish oil painting: patios

Aguilar is an Andalusian artist well known for his costumbrist artwork depicting patios, windows, and white Andalusian houses. His style and color palette are very distinctive, light and drawing being his strong points. He achieves a masterly depiction of the Spanish southern  charm, which fills with life each one of his paintings.   To know more about this Spanish artist, ...

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Original Spanish art: Impressionist landscapes

José Luis Checa is an hipersensitive artist, who is moved by the beautiful changing skin of the chromatic nature. He is in love with the most transitory and fleeting elements of the world that surrounds him, such as light, sky, clouds and water. Beause of this, Checa is and allways will be, a landscaper, which is the essential theme of ...

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Traditional Spanish painting: landscapes, seascapes and white villages

Segrelles is a Spanish artist born in Valencia. Since he was a child he learned to love the beautiful landscapes and white villages of his land, which he depicts now on his canvases. Segrelles likes using broad brushtrokes to depict those small villages, valleys, lakes and peaceful waters, which are the most representative corners of his homeland. This artist feels ...

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