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Spanish oil paintings: Parisian boulevards

Barber is a Spanish artist who has dedicated himself to depict Parisian and London boulevards of times past, as well as characters and scenes from yesterday. Barber stands out thanks to his restrained compositions, which avoid classic paradigms in favour of expressing the fleeting quality of the moment, the ephemeral nature of life.   To know more about this Spanish artist, ...

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Patios, landscapes and gardens: original Spanish art

Manu Rodríguez is a young and promising artist located in Sevilla. He is, without doubt, one of the most bright impressionist painters nowadays. His talent for depicting patios, gardens, parks and all kinds of landscape scenes is undeniable, as in them he shows his mastery of the impressionist techniques. Manu Rodríguez´s artwork is acquiring a great revaluation potential at a very ...

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Costumbrist Spanish art

José Luis Gordillo is an Andalusian artist with a broad experience, as he started his artistic career back in the 70s, after having completed his education in the School of Arts and Crafts of Seville. Later, during the 80s, he would be awarded the opportunity to exhibit his artwork in several prestigious galleries, hotels, and exhibition halls. Currently, his work has ...

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Moroccan and bullfighting oil paintings by Said Saadi

Said Saadi is a young artist born in Argelia with a very promising future. He masters figure drawing and usually using a large color pallet. When we look at Saadi´s paintings, we can see he has a talent both for oil painting and watercolor. He likes depicting scenes from his mother land, such as people and traditiontal Moroccan landscapes, although he is also ...

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Spanish oil paintings with a charming mediterranean light

Monste Aráez is a Spanish artist based on Alicante, and who studied at the Fine Arts College  in Valencia. She has exhibited her artwork in several cities around Spain, such as Mallorca, Málaga, Madrid or Alicante, and also in Portugal. As she was born in a family of artists, it is only natural that she had the best tutor: her ...

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Realistic Spanish art by Domingo

Domingo is a Spanish artist who started his career as an illustrator, successing in both the U.S and Europe. He has collaborated with many advertising agencies and his artwork has been featured in magazines and books with a worldwide distribution.  In 1974 he took a new path towards the artistic field and devoted himself to painting. After that, he took part ...

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