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Landscapes and seascapes full of Mediterranean light


Antonio Pérez is a very gifted painter who specializes in seascapes and landscapes. Vessels and ports surrounded by serene waters are his favourite themes, which he creates with great skill and taste. He never uses photographies, as he only paints from life. Pérez interprets landscapes and captures their most deep essence. His artwork is full of the light that we ...

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Spanish impressionistic painting: the impermanence of things


Antonio de Cela is a polyfacetic artist, who has delved into painting, sculpture and other artistic fields. He is an Impressionist painter who has gotten his inspiration from the great masters of this current, such as Sorolla and Monet. His landscapes reflect the passage of time, our own finitude. Maybe, the things that surround us, such as landscapes and people ...

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Impressionist Spanish art


Rueda is a consolidated Spanish artist with a long artistic career. His gaze penetrates into the natural surroundings he depicts to deliver his very particular point of view. In his artistic process, he uses new technologies. Firstly he takes a photo of the place he wants to capture in his canvas. After that, he does some digital retouching on it, ...

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Spanish painting: flowers and landscapes


Ana Delgado is a self-taught Spanish painter, who has learnt from various recognized Sevillian masters sushc as José Luis Pajuelo, Luis Montes and Martín Iglesias. Besides, she has a penchant for Sorolla, Monet and other great impressionist painters.  She favours oil painting, for which she shows a great skill using the spatula. Thanks to her technique mastery, she transmits an ...

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Paintings of courtyards and gardens


Aguilar is an Andalusian artist who specializes in costumbrist painting. His windows, streets and courtyards are unique in style. His artwork posesses a great strenght thanks to its colourful palette, full of light, and its excellent drawing.  Aguilar captures the harmony of lights and colour that are typical of the southern landscapes and corners: fountains and gardens which bring calm ...

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Southern landscapes


Zoilo Millán is a specialist in depicting Andalusian landscapes. He transmits the flashing light typical of Southern Spain, creating cozy environments. In his canvases, he achieves a very special balance between light and shadows, which gives his paintings a unique perspective, or in other words, a true sense of familiarity for the viewer.

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Spanish oil painting: landscapes and portraits


José Ortega is a very versatile artist. He was born in Seville although he spent many years in Madrid, where he developed the most important part of his artistic career. Since then he has delved in various genres, such as figure composition, portraiture and still life. However, his main passion is depicting landscapes. He has travelled all over Europe, visiting ...

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Original oil paintings: jungle landscapes


Fede Moros is a Venezuelan artist born in Caracas with a long career in the field of plastic arts. He is a master of the brush, really focusing on the details. Moros is well known for his wide and light colour palette, and specializes in jungle landscapes, with which he has won prices and recognition by art critics all over ...

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Original landscapes and seascapes


Eliseo Meifrén is a Catalan artist born in Barcelona, who devoted himself to depicting marines and landscapes with his very particular style of loose brush strokes and soft tones. Among his artworks we can point out ‘Gente de mar’ and ‘El Marne’ (1933). As an artist of his time, he fluctuated between the last throes of Realism and Naturalism. He ...

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Spanish Impressionist landscapes

Calabuig is a Spanish painter born in Valencia, who, after a long and succesful artistic career, has reached creative maturity. Since his first exhibition, this artist has been refining his techniqueconstantly in the representation of beautiful Impressionist landscapes with clean and colourful designs. His canvases are full of sober and accurate features, as well as delicate effects that encompass the ...

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