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Southern landscapes


Zoilo Millán is a specialist in depicting Andalusian landscapes. He transmits the flashing light typical of Southern Spain, creating cozy environments. In his canvases, he achieves a very special balance between light and shadows, which gives his paintings a unique perspective, or in other words, a true sense of familiarity for the viewer.

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Visual poetry by a Spanish landscape master


Helios Gisbert is a Spanish artist who has focused his career on landscapes. He is an expert on creating magical atmospheres. Altough he uses a kaleidoscope of colours to compose his art-work, he masters the use of brown and deep gold tones, which create something akin to visual poetry, full of soft cadences and gentle rhythms. In his canvases we ...

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High quality Spanish paintings: landscapes and seascapes

Bonhome is a Spanish painter born in Valencia, Spain. He belongs to a special group of artists who do not follow the current tendencies and avant- gardes in the world of art, but would rather paint what they feel, following their intuition. Bonhome focuses, above all, on improving his painting technique day by day, as we can appreciate in all ...

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Spanish oil paintings: landscapes

He is an artist specialized in rustic themes, full of pastoral lyricism, who captures the special moments that nature provides. In his landscape representations, he depicts nature in a friendly and realistic manner. To know more about this artist, please, follow the link below. SOROLLA ONLINE ART GALLERY – SPANISH ART GALLERY

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Spanish art: flowers and landscapes

Rafael Atencia is a sensitive Spanish artist who stops to look at his surroundings and knows how to capture the hidden beauty of shapes and lines, achieving a mesmerizing result, full of pleasantness and peace. Atencia is as much a poet as he is a painter. He plays with harmony and colours along with beautifully constructed composition lines. To know ...

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Oil paintings of Sevillian landscapes

Sánchez Ramírez is a landscape specialist, who mainly depicts scenes from Seville. In his canvases, this artist emphasizes light and colour, which does not go unnoticed to the viewer. When we look at his artwork, we can appreciate the bright Mediterranean light this author casts on the Giralda Tower, Torre del Oro, the Triana Bridge and other significant monuments and ...

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Impressionist Spanish art: landscapes

 Andrés Rueda chose to be an impressionist painter since the beginning of his artistic career, when he worked as a street painter. He is now starting to exhibit in galleries all over the world, such as Gallery Hanson (California), Galerie Lauswolf (Netherlands), Hanson Gallery (USA), Eboli (Madrid ) and others. Consecuently, his artwork has been spreaded over many European countries and ...

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Moroccan and bullfighting oil paintings by Said Saadi

Said Saadi is a young artist born in Argelia with a very promising future. He masters figure drawing and usually using a large color pallet. When we look at Saadi´s paintings, we can see he has a talent both for oil painting and watercolor. He likes depicting scenes from his mother land, such as people and traditiontal Moroccan landscapes, although he is also ...

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