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Spanish impressionistic painting: the impermanence of things


Antonio de Cela is a polyfacetic artist, who has delved into painting, sculpture and other artistic fields. He is an Impressionist painter who has gotten his inspiration from the great masters of this current, such as Sorolla and Monet. His landscapes reflect the passage of time, our own finitude. Maybe, the things that surround us, such as landscapes and people ...

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Impressionist Spanish art


Rueda is a consolidated Spanish artist with a long artistic career. His gaze penetrates into the natural surroundings he depicts to deliver his very particular point of view. In his artistic process, he uses new technologies. Firstly he takes a photo of the place he wants to capture in his canvas. After that, he does some digital retouching on it, ...

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Impressionist Andalusian painting

María Mairena is one of the most promissing young artists in our gallery. Daughter of the reputed master Fernando Ferreira, she studied at the School of Fine Arts of Sevilla, where she showed great skills and talent for drawing and painting. María has taken part in many exhibitions all over the south of Spain, and nowadays works with some of ...

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Impressionist Spanish art: landscapes

 Andrés Rueda chose to be an impressionist painter since the beginning of his artistic career, when he worked as a street painter. He is now starting to exhibit in galleries all over the world, such as Gallery Hanson (California), Galerie Lauswolf (Netherlands), Hanson Gallery (USA), Eboli (Madrid ) and others. Consecuently, his artwork has been spreaded over many European countries and ...

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Spanish paintings and flamenco art

Carmen Shaman is a gifted artist who is devoted to one of her great passions: the flamenco art. Her work has been inspired by the masters of the Impressionist school, as we can see in many of her artworks. In her canvases she captures the flamenco essence with a very lively color palette, full of red and gold, which transmits the viewer ...

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