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Spanish oil painting: seascapes

Spanish art: seascapes

.Andrea Savino is a specialist in seascapes. This Spanish artist depicts a coast where water is still, coming in contact with the human realm. At the same time, Savino achieves a combination of gentle lyricism and harmony through bright-colored and loose brushtrokes. Poetry and reality meet very beautifullyin his canvases, evoking serenity and tranquility for the viewer.  

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Paintings of courtyards and gardens


Aguilar is an Andalusian artist who specializes in costumbrist painting. His windows, streets and courtyards are unique in style. His artwork posesses a great strenght thanks to its colourful palette, full of light, and its excellent drawing.  Aguilar captures the harmony of lights and colour that are typical of the southern landscapes and corners: fountains and gardens which bring calm ...

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Original Spanish still lifes


Vañó is an gifted artist who works with an impressionistic style. His artwork is remarkable because of its acurate composition. Vañó knows how to interpret his paintings, capturing the uniqueness of the moment in the canvas. His technique and sensitivity are the ones of a modern artist, who does not miss the original interpretations and achievements of the shadows, blacklighting ...

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Spanish oil painting: Seville in full bloom


Teresa Martínez is an ever evolving artist. Located in Sevilla, she depicts places and landscapes that can be seen around the Andalusian capital. In her canvases she reflects elements and places that are more than just a space, depicting them with the strenght and intesity of her wide color palette.  One of her favourite themes are jacarandas in full bloom, a ...

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Do you know how to invest in modern art? Part II

How to invest in art

Two weeks ago we talked about some strategies for the uninitiated in the world art investment, and we covered, among other things, the main factors that can influence the price of an artwork. As promised, today we’re back with the second part of this series, with more tips on how to invest in modern art. Buy quality From our gallery, we ...

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Spanish oil paintings: figures of children

On her canvases the light of the Mediterranean lands shines under the sky of the East of Spain. Montse Aráez was born to a family of artists, and his own father was her best teacher, from whom she learned to transfer she sees to the canvas. Each of her artworks is a chordl of colour, sound, exaquisite modulations of tones ...

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Spanish paintings: portraits and scenes at the beach

Pablo S. Chías is an Andalusian artist specialized in portraits and beach scenes. During his training period, he was heavily influenced by Alfonso Grosso as his teacher and by the great Spanish artists of past centuries such as Murillo, Zurbarán, Virgilio Martoni, Villegas, and Gomez Gil among others. His style is bright and realistic, which is really appreciated by his ...

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Spanish impressionist art

Román Francés was born in Alicante, and since his early childhood years he felt attracted to the art of painting. His first steps in the field occured when he turned 14, as he was introduced to the French artist Gaspar Rico, who would exert a great influence in his personal and artistic development. His first exhibition took place in Alcoy, ...

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Andalusian costumbrist paintings

Pedro Cabecera was born in Seville in 1973, and has dedicated his artistic career to depicting landscapes, mainly focusing on the study of light, traditional urban architecture and the natural world. His trainging has been a very particular one, as he is a self taught painter who has been greatly influenced by the Andalusian costumbrism of the early XIX century. ...

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Original impressionist Spanish art

Santillán is a Valencian painter born in 1952, who began his artistic career at the School of Fine Arts of his local city and continued his training at the School of Fine Arts of Madrid. He has an impressionist style, using soft light colours that transmit peace and tranquility to the viewer. He has won several awards and has taken ...

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