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Spanish painting: flowers and landscapes


Ana Delgado is a self-taught Spanish painter, who has learnt from various recognized Sevillian masters sushc as José Luis Pajuelo, Luis Montes and Martín Iglesias. Besides, she has a penchant for Sorolla, Monet and other great impressionist painters.  She favours oil painting, for which she shows a great skill using the spatula. Thanks to her technique mastery, she transmits an ...

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Spanish oil painting: Seville in full bloom


Teresa Martínez is an ever evolving artist. Located in Sevilla, she depicts places and landscapes that can be seen around the Andalusian capital. In her canvases she reflects elements and places that are more than just a space, depicting them with the strenght and intesity of her wide color palette.  One of her favourite themes are jacarandas in full bloom, a ...

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Spanish art: miniature paintings

Miniature paintings are great for decorating small places such as corridors. Besides, with a miniature we have the opportunity of purchasing art at a very affordable price. Our large miniature collection includes varied themes, such as seascapes, flowers and religious painting, all created by our best Spanish artists, with Isabel Yllescas, Arkángel and José Luis Gordillo being among them. To ...

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Floral paintings with a Mediterranean light

Salinas is a Mediterranean artist, who achieves in his art-work a very personal touch of light and color, so typical of the Mediterranean painters. He specializes in floral fantasies, in which he uses bright and intense colors, defying the academic rules set for depicting landscapes. To know more about this Spanish artist, please follow the link below.       ...

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Original Spanish art: flowers

Jordanes is a painter specialized in still lifes and flowers. In his canvases he shows us the reality of the world as he sees it, with a sober color palette, which adds poetry and lyrism to his paintings. His subjects are real, his compositions formed by natural elements although he breaths a surreal athmosphere into them. He surrounds them with ...

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Spanish art: flowers and landscapes

Rafael Atencia is a sensitive Spanish artist who stops to look at his surroundings and knows how to capture the hidden beauty of shapes and lines, achieving a mesmerizing result, full of pleasantness and peace. Atencia is as much a poet as he is a painter. He plays with harmony and colours along with beautifully constructed composition lines. To know ...

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Andalusian courtyard and flower oil paintings by Rosa María

Rosa María is one of the best impressionist Andalusian artist, who likes depicting typical Spanish themes, such as flowers,  courtyards and streets from the white villages located in the south of Spain. She masters the oil painting technique, and uses a wide color pallete, full of brigth and luminous tones that naturally draws the eyes of the observer. To learn ...

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Beautiful miniature collection by Isabel Yllescas

Isabel Yllescas is a gifted artist who specializes in miniature painting. This Spanish artist likes depicting beautifully arranged flowers  in small vases, which are inspired by the old and modern still-life masters. Isabel uses color brilliantly, composing bright strokes with a wide range of tones. This talented artist draws seascapes and traditional Andalusian balconies as well, putting to good use her mastery of ...

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