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Do you know how to invest in modern art? Part II

How to invest in art

Two weeks ago we talked about some strategies for the uninitiated in the world art investment, and we covered, among other things, the main factors that can influence the price of an artwork. As promised, today we’re back with the second part of this series, with more tips on how to invest in modern art. Buy quality From our gallery, we ...

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Impressionist Andalusian landscapes

Reina is a young Andalusian painter located in Seville, whose talent for depicting landscapes is undeniable. He adds to them a great impresssionist quality touch. The art-work by Reina is increasing its value at a vertiginous rate. His paintings are beginning to be recognized in the national art market, thanks to several works and awards Reina has won during the last ...

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Original Spanish art: flowers

Jordanes is a painter specialized in still lifes and flowers. In his canvases he shows us the reality of the world as he sees it, with a sober color palette, which adds poetry and lyrism to his paintings. His subjects are real, his compositions formed by natural elements although he breaths a surreal athmosphere into them. He surrounds them with ...

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Spanish art: flowers and landscapes

Rafael Atencia is a sensitive Spanish artist who stops to look at his surroundings and knows how to capture the hidden beauty of shapes and lines, achieving a mesmerizing result, full of pleasantness and peace. Atencia is as much a poet as he is a painter. He plays with harmony and colours along with beautifully constructed composition lines. To know ...

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Realistic bullfighting scenes

When we talk about Harman, we talk about bullfighting. His beautifully colored scenes captivate the observer, not only because of their bright and delicate color palette, but also for the well balanced composition. Harman captures the exact and right moment, the peak of the fight, in the same way a photographer may do it. He is a very detail oriented ...

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Traditional Spanish painting: landscapes, seascapes and white villages

Segrelles is a Spanish artist born in Valencia. Since he was a child he learned to love the beautiful landscapes and white villages of his land, which he depicts now on his canvases. Segrelles likes using broad brushtrokes to depict those small villages, valleys, lakes and peaceful waters, which are the most representative corners of his homeland. This artist feels ...

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Patios, landscapes and gardens: original Spanish art

Manu Rodríguez is a young and promising artist located in Sevilla. He is, without doubt, one of the most bright impressionist painters nowadays. His talent for depicting patios, gardens, parks and all kinds of landscape scenes is undeniable, as in them he shows his mastery of the impressionist techniques. Manu Rodríguez´s artwork is acquiring a great revaluation potential at a very ...

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Traditional Andalusian art

López Galindo is a Spanish artist who specializes in traditional and costumbrist themes. He is the son of the highly valued painter Luis de Pereda, who taught him his technique, wich we can appreciate in the details as well as in the spectacular atmosphere that he achieves in his paintings. We also can point out the excellent drawing quality of ...

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7 tips to make your first art purchase


Would you like to become an art collector? In this article we will discuss how to take the first steps towards this goal with some good tips for making our first purchase. Before acquiring our first artwork many questions may arise , especially if we do it as investors, and not just because we like the style of the piece ...

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comprar arte en galeria

If you have ever thought of buying art, certainly you know that there are several channels to do so. From art fairs such as Arco in Madrid, to auctions and art dealers, the options are varied. But here in Sorolla  we think the safest and best way is to do it through your art gallery. And here are 8 reasons ...

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