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Spanish bullfighting scenes

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José Canito is a Spanish artist specialized in bullfighting scenes. Born in Madrid, he has lived and worked in other Latin countries such as Mexico, Venezuela and Ecuador. He is renowned for his calendars and  posters, which depict very lively bullfighting scenes that focus on the details. He has also worked for magazines such as El Ruedo (The Ring) and ...

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Bullfighting and Spanish oil paintings.

Santos Mejías is an impressionist painter whose preferred subject is the evocative and colourful world of bullfighting, and everything which is related to it. He magnificenbtly handles the Mediterranean light with the softness of his rich color palette. He also captures the essence of this ancient art in the brief gestures of the figures. To know more about this artist, ...

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Andalusian oil painting

Benito Moreno is an Andalusian artist born in 1940, who studied at the Fine Arts School of Sevilla. In 1968 he became a professor in the Santa Isabel School of Arts and Crafts, and his artwork has been recognized with many awards during his artistic career. Currently, his canvases are spread in private collections across several European countries, such as ...

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Realistic bullfighting scenes

When we talk about Harman, we talk about bullfighting. His beautifully colored scenes captivate the observer, not only because of their bright and delicate color palette, but also for the well balanced composition. Harman captures the exact and right moment, the peak of the fight, in the same way a photographer may do it. He is a very detail oriented ...

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Spanish oil paintings: bullfighting themes

Pastor is a self-taught painter enthusiastic about the bullfighting world. He started his artistic career back in 1995, depicting the most famous bullfighters of the time, such as Curro Romero, Rafael de Paula, César Rincón and Emilio Muñoz, among others. He masters the acrylic technique, without forgeting other materials such as pastel and watercolour. Pastor has won several awards and ...

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Investing in bullfighting art: José Puente


Bullfighting and painting have been closely linked since time immemorial. The drama and elegance of the art of bullfighting has captivated throughout history painters and artists of all kinds, who have depicted this topic within the most varied artistic currents: from romanticism to impressionism, to abstract art; and the most varied techniques ( oil painting, engraving, drawing …).   The ...

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Original Spanish art: bullfighting scenes.

Jacinto Alcón is a Spanish artist gifted with a special sensitivity, which he shows in his artwork. His main theme is the bullfighting arena and everything that surrounds the bullfighting world. He depicts the wild bull and its life in the Andalusian fields; His countryside scenes are so realistic that every bullfighting enthusiast will inmediatly feel a deep sense of recognition when looking ...

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Moroccan and bullfighting oil paintings by Said Saadi

Said Saadi is a young artist born in Argelia with a very promising future. He masters figure drawing and usually using a large color pallet. When we look at Saadi´s paintings, we can see he has a talent both for oil painting and watercolor. He likes depicting scenes from his mother land, such as people and traditiontal Moroccan landscapes, although he is also ...

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Bullfighting scenes by Juan Zaragoza

Juan Zaragoza is an amateur artist who loves bullfighting and everything related to it. This young but talented painter depicts what his eyes see on the arena with images full of drama and dynamism.  Looking at his artwork we can almost feel we are there, watching the real scene happening before our eyes, thanks to the attention to detail that ...

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D´Avila: Spanish impressionist art

  The Andalusian painter D´Avila undoubtely belongs to an exclusive group of XXI century´s fine artists , and can be considered one of the best Spanish impressionist painters of our time. Color, style and quiality are the trademark of his artwork, which have a very distinctive personality as they reminisce us of the previous century Spanish masters such as the great Ferreira. D’Avila ...

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