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Spanish urban art: wall art

Street art or wall art is one of the most interesting artistic phenomena that have taken place in recent decades. It has been born from the encounter between art and social issues. Currently we can walk around cities all over the world and contemplate great painted murals in public spaces, representing all kinds of themes and styles.

Stencil along with spray paint are the preferred techniques of the artists in this genre, as they allow creative versatility and the ability to work on all types of surfaces.

Wall art is related to the Mexican mural art movement that was born in the 30s of the 20th century. Representative artists of the genre such as Diego Rivera and Jose Orozco painted large murals in their native country as well as in the United States, and all over South America. Mural art themes were fundamentally of political nature, launching a harsh criticism on the society of the time.

Mural art by Orozco

The Art Wall movement that we can see today is also related to graffiti and street art in general, which aim to surprise passers by from their locations, usually in high-traffic areas. The greater exponents of this field were Banksy (graffiti artist of international fame) and John Fekner. Graffiti arworks usually have bright colors, as their mission is to capture the attention of the viewers, and disseminate their ironic messages inviting to subversive action and social struggle with the aim of creating change.

Mural art by Banksy

Wall art is born in this context, with the intention of transforming the environment in which it is installed visually and socially, making it more friendly for the inhabitants of the cities. Wall art achieves, through artistic expression, to reverse the degradation of certain spaces in the city that otherwise would be considered marginal.

Spanish cities like Barcelona, ​​Madrid or Seville are not far behind in this regard; if we walk through the last one we will see several examples of this type of outdoor art. Places like Alamillo’s bridge and Barqueta are home to what can bee considered gems of the genre. But the most striking is undoubtedly the one located in Plaza de Armas.

Street art in Seville

It is a large-format mural created by the artists Bonim, Ome, Sex, Logan and Ed, very colorful and fantastic themes. The purpose of this work is to renew the appearance of the city in its west access, making it more walkable and human.

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