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How to give your old furniture a vintage touch

If you have antique furniture and would like to give it another opportunity, or just update the style of your home, you can do so by using the stripping technique; it is a simple procedure that will allow you to give a vintage feel to that piece that no longer fits in your home decor.

If you feel motivated, here are the steps to do it:

Prepare the furniture
The first thing you have to do is removing the old painting or varnish, for which you can use paint stripper gel, and then brush it with a nylon brush. Also, this is the best time to remove fittings and handles, if there are any, to avoid damaging them in the process.
Do not forget to wear rubber gloves because the substances you have to work with are agressive to the skin.

Prepare the furniture
Choose the background color
The second step consists on choosing the background color you want for your furniture. We usually recommend a dark tone, but depending on your taste, you can also choose other less conventional colors such as blue, green, maroon or red, always in their deepest versions.
Keep in mind that if the furniture has already a dark wood you can skip this step.
Paint with the main color
After the primer dries, it is time to apply the main color you want for your vintage furniture. In this case it is best to use a lighter shade, like cream, off white, light gray or a similar one, to achieve a contrast with the base tone. In this step we recommend applying two coats of paint.

Choose the main color for you vintage furniture

Create the antique effect
To achieve this effect, which is the soul of the stripping technique, you must remove the paint that has been previously applied in areas where the piece of furniture will wear over time, as the top, edges, corners and edges of the legs.
This should be done using a medium grane sandpaper, always avoiding a too thick grane, as you could damage the wood.
Remember that you are looking for a natural effect, so it is advisable to stop every few minutes to see the effect you are achieving.

Create te antique effect
Sand the wood to obtain a uniform finish
With a fine grane sandpaper (00 grit), we will smooth the painting imperfections and rough edges in those places where we have removed some of it in the previous step.

Create the antique effect sanding the furniture
Apply tinted wax
After all the previous steps, you should apply a patina of wax stained with bitumen of Judea to provide the aged appearance you’re looking for. You can find it in specialized stores, such as Leroy Merlin and Brico Depot.
Replace knobs and handles
Once the patina that we have applied in the previous step has dried, it is time to replace the handles, knobs or hardware if there was any. Note that you may use new ones that enhance the vintage and shabby chic look you’re looking for.

Replace knobs and handles

As you see, giving a second chance to old or antique furniture is easy. Are you ready for it?

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  1. If you aren’t interested in stripping or sanding the piece first, chalk paint is the perfect solution! PS, love the mustard coloured one

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