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Investing in 20th century Spanish art

Spanish 20th Century art market is now at one of its best moments, and, according to most experts, it is an excellent opportunity for investing, since artworks by Spanish artists are now well below the rates that are usually seen in the European market. Besides, they also have a very good value incresase prospect.

The world of Spanish art of the Twentieth century is incredibly rich, as during this period diverse stylistic trends were born, such as Modernism, Cubism and Surrealism, which developed alongside with other more traditional schools born in the previous century, such as Impressionism, with precursors like Sorolla.

During the Twentieth century many of the most internationally renowned Spanish artists appear, such as Dali and Pablo Picasso, the latter one being considered the most important figure in the world of painting of his time. Born in Málaga,he begins his career with Symbolism and later invents a new genre, Cubism, with ‘Demoiselles d’Avignon’ (1907), which breaks with the painting style that had predominated so far. Picasso also made surrealist and expressionist art (‘Guernica’, 1937). He would have a huge influence on many contemporary painters that would follow.

Guernica. Picasso

Guernica. Picasso

Another great figure of the twentieth century painting was Joan Miró, a Surrealist Catalan painter and sculptor, whose artwork was characterized by a playful, primitive style, full of lyricism and fantasy (‘The Carnival of Harlequin’, 1925, or ‘Woman, Bird and stars’, 1942).

Antonio López is an outstanding painter within the field of Hyperrealism, an American current that originated in the 60s, and tries to capture reality with absolute fidelity. His most famous artwork is ‘La Gran Vía’ (1981).

Gran Vía. Antonio López

Gran Vía. Antonio López

Among the more traditional currents Eustaquio Segrelles has to be given a place of honor, a costumbrist painter whose work develops between the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Artist and sculptor, his career began as an illustrator, until his artwork became internationally renowned through his participation in numerous exhibitions, on one hand, and his great artistic production on the other, which mostly consists of oil paintings of marine and rural scenes, such as his painting ‘Reflections’.

'Reflections'. Eustaquio Segrelles

‘Reflections’. Eustaquio Segrelles

In the same costumbrist current we can include Luis de Pereda, another very well stablished Spanish painter with an international projection. This artist is inspired by the human figure to recreate light and atmospheres with amazing fidelity (‘Flamenco Dancing’). One of the strong points of his artworks is his attention to detail, in addition to his ability to play with color.

'Flamenco Dancing. Luis de Pereda

‘Flamenco Dancing. Luis de Pereda


'Figures on the beach'. Pablo Segarra Chías

‘Figures on the beach’. Pablo Segarra Chías

Finally, another candidate for a good art investment is Pablo Segarra Chías, a Sevillian painter with a long career who has learned from the best Spanish painters of past centuries, such as as Murillo and Zurbarán. His style is Impresssionist, and therefore, a tribute to light. He specializes in portraits and beach landscapes. Some of his best known works are his series ‘Figures on the beach’ or ‘Arab Child’.

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