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How to invest in art

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Appraisals and valuations of works of art

If you are a collector or possess some artworks, you might have had the need to know your art’s market value at some point, either out of curiosity or because you have decided to make an acquisition to expand your wealth. However, the art market is a complex world, so the safest way to know the value of an art ...

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Investing in 20th century Spanish art

Gran Vía. Antonio López

Spanish 20th Century art market is now at one of its best moments, and, according to most experts, it is an excellent opportunity for investing, since artworks by Spanish artists are now well below the rates that are usually seen in the European market. Besides, they also have a very good value incresase prospect. The world of Spanish art of ...

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Do you know how to invest in modern art? Part II

How to invest in art

Two weeks ago we talked about some strategies for the uninitiated in the world art investment, and we covered, among other things, the main factors that can influence the price of an artwork. As promised, today we’re back with the second part of this series, with more tips on how to invest in modern art. Buy quality From our gallery, we ...

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Do you know how to invest in modern art? Part I


The value of the modern art market has experimented an upward trend in recent years, as both paintings and sculptures of artists living and dead have become a focus of interest for collectors and investors. So if you’re an art enthusiast and value art profitability, read carefully the following tips to learn how to successfully invest in the modern art ...

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7 tips to make your first art purchase


Would you like to become an art collector? In this article we will discuss how to take the first steps towards this goal with some good tips for making our first purchase. Before acquiring our first artwork many questions may arise , especially if we do it as investors, and not just because we like the style of the piece ...

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Investing in bullfighting art: José Puente


Bullfighting and painting have been closely linked since time immemorial. The drama and elegance of the art of bullfighting has captivated throughout history painters and artists of all kinds, who have depicted this topic within the most varied artistic currents: from romanticism to impressionism, to abstract art; and the most varied techniques ( oil painting, engraving, drawing …).   The ...

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comprar arte en galeria

If you have ever thought of buying art, certainly you know that there are several channels to do so. From art fairs such as Arco in Madrid, to auctions and art dealers, the options are varied. But here in Sorolla  we think the safest and best way is to do it through your art gallery. And here are 8 reasons ...

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Why invest in art?


In recent years people have increasingly been diversifying their investments, and in this time it has been demonstrated that buying art is one of the most profitable and safe choices that exist today. Many of the collectors who have invested in the past in this type of assets  own artwork collections that have far exceeded their initial value over time, ...

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Art collectors buying more online


A new report suggests that more and more art collectors are spending vast sums of money on ‘sight unseen’ online purchases, says Colin Gleadell.   The report also said that online art buying was not being driven solely by the young. In fact, 55 per cent of respondents in the 65-plus age group said they had bought art directly online, ...

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