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How to add antique furniture to your home decor

If you want to add a touch of style to your home decor, it is a good idea to incorporate some antique furniture. Many people think that this type of furniture would never fit with modern style decor, but nothing is further from reality !


The latest decorative trends lead us toward eclecticism, creating environments where objects and modern furniture mix with antique pieces which work as highlights, attracting the viewer’s attention.

decorating with antique furniture

Therefore, period furniture and baroque style are a great option to give your rooms a personal tasteful touch.


If you’re afraid of period furniture being too excessive for your home decor, do not worry, they come in all sizes and many styles; we are sure that with a little patience on your part, you’ll find the right one for you.


But, what is antique furniture?

Usually, period furniture is inspired by objects belonging to certain periods of French history, such as Henry IV, Louis XIII, Louis XIV, Regency, Louis XV, Louis XVI and Empire styles. They usually have golden motifs and ornamental arabesques, grotesques, chinoiseries or plant motifs.


In short, it is a kind of furniture with a very striking style, due to its baroque appearance. Within these general guidelines, you can find more or less ornate furniture, so it will be a matter of choosing the one that best suits your personal tastes and decor.


How to decorate with antique furniture?


When decorating with antiques you can find great variety, mirrors, chairs, cupboards, pedestals, sofas, etc.


To make a first approach, we recommend an item that does not take up too much space, such as a chair, a pedestal or a small sculpture, which can be integrated with your decor especially if it is minimalist.

chair: period furniture


Old style painted paper, (Victorian, for instance) will help to integrate the antique furniture with the rest of the elements in a room. Of course, if the furniture in question is very striking (has golden finish, is very ornate or large), we recommend a low profile wallpaper, with small motifs and neutral colors.

decoration with period furniture

If you are willing and ready to take the next step, you can purchase a bulkier piece this time, such as a sofa, and make it the center of attention. It will attract all gazes immediately.


What not to do?

As for decorating with antiques there are no definite rules, but it is better to err on the side of caution than on the side of excess. It is preferable to leave some spaces empty than to overload the room with too many things or a too Baroque decoration.


What is your opinion about decorating with antiques? Your comments are welcome!



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