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Do you know how to invest in modern art? Part II

Two weeks ago we talked about some strategies for the uninitiated in the world art investment, and we covered, among other things, the main factors that can influence the price of an artwork. As promised, today we’re back with the second part of this series, with more tips on how to invest in modern art.

Buy quality

From our gallery, we always recommend to buy good quality art originally framed.

And if you do not purchase pieces by living artists, try to buy art with a good provenance: Does the artwork in question has an interesting story behind it? Is it significant in the artistic career of its creator? It will definitely be a more expensive purchase, but when re-selling time comes, it will be much easier for you to sell it,as you will be able to do it at more attractive prices than in the case of a work of a little-known artist.

Buy quality

Do not forget an important detail: the work must be properly signed by the author, since it is the most effective method to prove its provenance and authenticity.

And above all, keep the documents associated with the work at the time of the purchase. In Sorolla Art Gallery, we always accompany each painting with its certificate of authenticity, and encourage all our readers to demand the same thing when purchasing artwork.

Authenticity certificate

Buy the right subjects

It is also very important to identify the most important paintings by an artist. For example, a painter specialized in portraits may probably paint other subjects throughout his career, such as landscapes or seascapes, but these will never reach the same value as the first ones. It is also likely that oil paintings by an artist achieve a higher value and profitability  that a watercolor painted by the same author.

Buy the right subjects

Time matters

Like any other market, the art market suffers ups and downs, so if you are going to invest, you have to be cautious and know what stage of the cycle is on at the moment. Is the market going up or down? For example, if everyone is talking about a particular artist, and he appears continuously in the specialized media and his prices are on the rise, it is a good time to sell the work of that author, but it certainly is not a good time to buy it.

Buy small pieces

Finally, (and this is the most startling advice you’ll see in this post), purchase, whenever possible, small pieces. Why?For the simple reason that most collectors tend to have space for small artworks, but it is more difficult for them to accommodate a large piece. Therefore, those interested in collecting will tend to buy artwork with smaller proportions.

By small pieces of art

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