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How to decorate with art and paintings the wall behind your couch

Finding an appropriate piece to decorate the wall above the couch can be a challenge: if we choose a painting too small, our decoration will give a poor impression, whereas if we choose a  piece too large, the result will be very unbalanced visually.

But as the saying goes, virtue lays in the middle, and with the following tips we will help those of you who are finding yourselves in such a quandary.


The first step is, of course, to get a measure tape to measure our couch, and take measurements down on a piece of paper with us to the art gallery.

With these measurements in mind, we should look for a painting which is at least half the length of our couch. For example, if the couch measures 200 centimeters, the art piece should be around 100.

It is convenient to carry with us the measure tape to get the exact size of the artwork in question, since at the store, depending on the colors and the frame, it may appear smaller or larger than it really it is. We should remember that one of the characteristics of most works of art is the visual game they play with the viewer, which can be  misleading.

On the other hand, it is advisable that we choose a painting which is no longer than the total length of the couch.


The style

To choose the right piece of art, we must also take into account the colors of the couch and the room as well, to better integrate the artwork color´s with them. For example, a work of modern art will fit much better in a room with contemporary design than in a classic designed one. In the latter case, a figurative painting such as a portrait, a landscape or a still life is often more appropriate.


A mirror

If a painting this size is too much for our budget, we can use the B option, which is picking a nice mirror to hang behind the couch.  The same size rules we discused at the beginning of this post apply here as well, with the added advantage that a mirror will be cheaper and it will make the room appear wider and brighter when the light reflects on it.


Several paintings

Another resource would be to hang a set of two or more small paintings together. As for size, the set should also follow the golden rules that we have explained earlier in this article.

When we hang more than 2 oil paintings, these can vary in size from each other, and it is in fact the ideal way to give our decoration an appearance of dynamism.

If all the paintings of the set have different frames, we will get a casual, and eclectic effect. If instead we choose identical or very similar frames, we will achieve a cleaner look.


Hang our painting (or paintings)

Once we have chosen our art object, we can proceed to the last step, which is hanging it. The painting should always be centered over the couch, and raised about 15 or 30 inches above this. If you’re going to hang a pair of oil paintings or prints, the space between the two should be the center point of the couch, and the space between them should be about 7 to 15 centimeters.


We hope these tips have been helpful. If you know any tricks that we have not mentioned in this article, please share them it with us in the comments.



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