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Appraisals and valuations of works of art

If you are a collector or possess some artworks, you might have had the need to know your art’s market value at some point, either out of curiosity or because you have decided to make an acquisition to expand your wealth.

However, the art market is a complex world, so the safest way to know the value of an art piece is to resort to a professional appraisal or valuation.

What is an appraisal? What does it mean to value an art work?

When we speak of pricing or valuation of a work of art, we are talking about doing an estimate, according to some regulated parameters, of the value of a piece of art on the market.

What can be valued and appraised?

The appraisal or valuation can be applied to works of art such as paintings or sculptures, but also to antiques like ceramics, porcelain, furniture, items of jewelry, decoration, and so on.

Works of art and antiques can be valued and appraised

What factors influence the assessment or evaluation of an art object?

Although the valuation of a work of art is not an exact science, there are a number of characteristics that influence and determine its estimation. Here we show you a list with the main ones:The antiquity of the artwork

  • The cultural and social value associated with it
    The number of copies: Is there more than one of them? If it is a unique work its value will increase.
    The technique and materials that have been used to produce it.
    Its condition:  Is it well preserved or does it show any damages?
    Does it have the author’s signature? Is it an original?
    The author or artistic school to which it belongs.
    Positive critiques from art experts.
    Future prospects: What are the possibilities for a value increase?

Workarts usually increase their value over time

Why is it convenient to make an appraisal?

Knowing the value of a work of art can be very useful in various situations. For instance, to know the value of our assets to be able to write a will or to do tax settlement. Also, of course, it will be useful if we want to insure the works or get tax benefits.

In addition to the above, an appraisal conducted by experts will be of great help if our goal is to sell a piece of art, as the certificate of valuation will give extra security and confidence to the prospective buyer.

Where can we get a professional appraisal of art and antiques?

The best option is to resort to specialists such as galleries and art dealers. In Sorolla.com we offer this service by registered experts in different categories of works of art, including paintings and antiques. Requesting a valuation is very easy; you just have to get in touch with us through our contact form and we will assist you immediately.

Valuation of a work of art

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