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5 tips for giving the gift of art

A special date approaches such as a birthday, and we are faced with the dilemma of every year: What to get for our loved ones?

We start thinking about possible gifts but we realise we are out of good ideas, we need to expand our holiday gift-giving list beyond cable-knit sweaters and coaster. So this time we are going to propose something different: the gift of art.

Giving art objects and paintings as a present is a great idea to surprise those special people who are part of our lives. Besides, art is also  a way to remember special events, such as a wedding, the birth of a child, a professional achievement … Any occasion is good to give art.


In addition, objects of art can bring a lot of good input to our lives:

  • Art encourages our sensitivity to the world around us. Observing the beauty of a work of art helps us to relax by lowering our stress levels, while increasing our psychological well-being. In other words, when we get lost in the contemplation of a work of art, be it of whatever kind, we can achieve emotional and spiritual relief.


  • Art brings a new dimension to our lives, makes us go beyond our everyday lives, and as we mentioned above, it also can be used to mark an important event in our memory  so that we will never forget it.
  • Art helps us to express our passions and interests, and can even lead us to analysis and reflection. Art makes us think, helping us to be better human beings.

If you are already convinced that your next gift will be a painting or some other work of art, we are going to provide you with some advice that you should keep in mind before choosing and shopping.

1. What are the receptor tastes?

Beforehand, you must know well the person who is to receive the gift. If you lack information about him or her,  it’s always good to find out more about that person, what their tastes are, do they have a favorite painter or sculptor? etc. Social media are a great tool to get the data you need.

It is also important (and highly recommended) to visit the person’s home to learn what kind of painting or work of art would fit better with their home decor and other artwork they may already have.

2. Determining their available space

Another key to give the right gift is to know how much the space the receptors have at home, their office, or whatever place  they might want to place the work in. If we know the person has a large empty area, for instance, a wall, we can give him a big painting or a set of smaller paintings to form a composition. If we know that they are renewing their decor or moving to a new house,  vintage furniture can be a good idea because it will combine well with any contemporary furniture that the person may already have at home.


If the available space is small, the artwork we choose should be of a smaller size.

3. How much are you willing to spend?

First things first, we should set a minimum and maximum budget. This is a decisive factor that will reduce (or expand) our possibilities and options among sculptures, traditional oil paintings or abstract paintings. Prices can vary widely, but art does not have to be expensive. On our online art gallery you can find quality oil paintings and other works of art at great prices.


4. To frame or not to frame?

If we have decided to give a painting, it is important to consider if we want to frame it or not. If we do not frame it, the receptors will have the freedom to choose a frame to their tastes; it would be best for them to go to the same gallery where we bought the painting.

On the other hand, that person may appreciate the convenience of a framed picture as it will be ‘ready to hang’.

5. What if they do not like our present?

If you have followed our advice but still the person was not very enthusiastic about the piece of art you gave him or her, it is always advisable to buy at an art gallery with a good customer service and return policy. At Sorolla  Art Gallery, all our customers have 7 days to return their purchases.



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