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3 ideas for Christmas decoration

As Christmas time is upon us, many of us are now getting preparations ready to decorate our homes. Usually when we talk about this type of decoration, the typical Christmas tree with garland and balls come to mind. However, there is another way to add a festive touch to our home decor using more subtle elements that will provide a special style and charm to our house.

In addition, these objects have the advantage that they can remain as a part of our decoration during the rest of the year as they blend perfectly .

1. Capiz balls

The capiz balls are pearl-like spheres we can use to decorate almost any corner of the house. They fit very well on top of a sideboard, and we may also place them in a decorative bowl or plate. Moreover, they can be perfect to decorate the dinner table on special occasions like Christmas Eve Dinner, Christmas Day lunch, etc.

Decorating with spheres

Besides capiz balls, we can find other kind of spheres with varied designs and materials, which can also create a chic and festive touch, such as ceramic and mosaic pieces, resin, etc.

The secret is to combine balls made of different materials and colors like pearl, silver, or with bright decorations.

2. Table runners

Table decoration becomes especially important during Christmas. Depending on our tastes, we can use candlesticks or wreaths, among other elements. Another good idea to improve our table decoration and surprise our guests is to use a table runner or central cloth.

When it comes to table runners, there are many designs, made with different fabrics, colors and materials, such as this one, made in burgundy with floral decoration.

Christmas decoration: table runners
Depending on the number of guests and the size and organization of the table, we may place it lengthwise or crosswise.

3. Colors are important

Colors also matter when it comes to recreate the Christmas atmosphere at home. Traditionally, colors like red, gold and silver have been associated with Christmas time , largely because of the warmth contrast they make with white and pearl, the other two colors which are the stars of the season.
Therefore we recommend to add decorative objects in these tones, such as these sculptures inspired by the Spanish painter Velázquez, which have been made by hand in olive tree wood and bathed in gold and silver.

Christmas decoration in gold
We hope you found these tips useful. If you liked them or have more ideas, do not forget to add a comment.

Merry Christmas!



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