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Appraisals and valuations of works of art

If you are a collector or possess some artworks, you might have had the need to know your art’s market value at some point, either out of curiosity or because you have decided to make an acquisition to expand your wealth. However, the art market is a complex world, so ...

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Landscapes and seascapes full of Mediterranean light

Antonio Pérez is a very gifted painter who specializes in seascapes and landscapes. Vessels and ports surrounded by serene waters are his favourite themes, which he creates with great skill and taste. He never uses photographies, as he only paints from life. Pérez interprets landscapes and captures their most deep ...

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Mediterranean painting: light and women

Antonio Navarro is a Mediterranean painter, who specializes in depicting women. He uses light and colour to create a beautiful pictorial symphony. His canvases transmit calm and serenity to the viewers, who cannot help falling in love with the delicate figures they see on the painting. Navarro is an artist ...

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